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The Medmeme Master Database: The world’s only continuously updated and integrated repository of virtually all of the world’s disseminated medical science  information from Grants to Clinical Guidelines. It currently contains over:







Plus over 1154385 Grants, 896913 Patents, and 46031 Treatment Guidelines.  

(Numbers Current As of April 29, 2016)

All data elements are cleaned and tagged by institution and scientist and merged into a completely integrated census of worldwide medical science disseminated information.

The Medmeme Scientific Database drives dynamic information tools for:

Medmeme captures, integrates, cleans and normalizes abstract information not only from peer-reviewed journals and the major scientific and medical meetings, but also from the other 90% of meetings that may not be captured in routine scientific communications landscape reviews. This virtual census of all global scientific dissemination permits a true calculation of Share of Scientific Voice℠.

Medmeme tracks and analyzes virtually all peer-reviewed scientific information globally – from grants and patents through meeting presentations and publications to clinical guidelines. Analyses can be focused on any geography, from individual countries to worldwide.

More Coming Soon!


"I’ve been getting useful alerts which we have shared with others. And some of those abstracts were available prior to the congress."

Senior Medical Affairs executive with 20+ years experience at a top 25 pharmaceutical company

"My aha moment came about when I realized that Profile data could be integrated into our CRM so I can stay within one system all day."

Senior Project Manager with 20+ years experience at a top 25 pharmaceutical company

"I think this [Impactmeme] is really Impactful. That is, to be able to see the relationship of the [volume of] publications and presentations over time. . .this is very powerful."

Senior Medical ffairs executive with 20+ years experience at a top 25 pharmaceutical company

"[Impact Profiles] is a good source of information if you are looking for a speaker"

Associate Medical Director, Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

Driven by an experienced management team.



CEO and Founder

Mahesh Naithani has more than 34 years of senior management experience in syndicated market research for the pharmaceutical industry. Before starting Medmeme, he was the Chairman of HCI (now PERQ/HCI). He also served as President of Patient Care International prior to its sale to Thomson International.




Simon Mason has over 25 years of experience in building and growing companies that provide consulting, technology and services to the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech industries. He has strong knowledge in the commercialization of healthcare products with an emphasis on the increasing role of medical affairs in the process. After staring his career at Merck & Co., Mr. Mason then went on to help build Physicians’ Online and to help grow Dendrite (Cegedim). Prior to joining Medmeme, Mr. Mason was one of the founders, Chief Operating Officer and a board member at Skila, a knowledge management solutions company focused on the Life Sciences industry.



Executive VP

Yan Barshay has more than 10 years of senior operations experience in the areas of communications and database marketing. Prior to joining MedMeme he was Vice President of Operations for IBEX Communications. He also served as President of Prestige Marketing, a database marketing firm.

Rick Kendall headshot


Chief Marketing Officer

Rick Kendall was President of Impakt Health, a division of InnoVision Health Media. Prior to that, he was Vice President of Marketing for Cinemax and of Market Research for Home Box Office. Rick has also held market research positions at Yankelovich, Skelley and White and Abt Associates. Rick is past president of the New York American Marketing Association and is on the board of NYACS, publisher of the GreenBook directories. He holds a Ph.D. in psychology from New York University.



VP Information Systems

Peter Cherry has over ten years experience in the development and customization of information services for the pharmaceutical industry, having held technology positions at Rogers Medical Intelligence Solutions and Jobson Healthcare Information. Prior to his work in information technology, Dr. Cherry was a professor of physiology and pharmacology and a cardiovascular research scientist at New York Medical College and City College of the City University New York.




Saman Hong has more than 40 years of experience teaching, researching, and consulting in data analysis and optimization, especially for large-scale market data. He has been on the faculty of City University of New York and also taught at the New York University and Rutgers University. Dr. Hong received a BS in physics from Seoul National University and a PhD in operations research from Johns Hopkins University.