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Impactmeme is the first application of its kind that provides in-depth views into the elements that govern success in a modern Medical Affairs organization.


Syndicated Reports

Medmeme's syndicated report series offers access to essential information on the top 10 therapeutic categories, drawn from our proprietary database of thought leaders, medical meetings, clinical trials and Centers-of-Excellence. These reports examine the factors that shape medical opinions and health care markets worldwide. Learn More »

Syndicated Reports
  • Profilememe
  • Insightmeme
  • Trialmeme
  • COEmeme
  • Find key thought

    Profilememe identifies, ranks, and maps the most prolific experts in medical science worldwide, as well as emerging thought leaders.

  • Track medical findings

    Insightmeme delivers findings from more than 1.8 million scientific presentations annually, searchable by disease area, drug class, country, author, affiliation, and keywords.

  • Assess clinical

    Trialmeme offers data on more than 600,000 trials worldwide by compound, phase, indication, country, investigator, recruitment status, sponsor, and more.

  • Enlist leading institutional

    COEmeme ranks the top Centers-of-Excellence worldwide in each therapeutic area by tracking medical contributions, clinical trial success, thought leader affiliations, and more.

Results that benefit the entire organization

Medmeme products offer both medical and commercial teams a competitive edge.

  • Subscription Options

    Subscriptions to our proprietary database platforms are available on an annual basis. Platforms meet client-defined specifications, so subscriptions can be tailed to meet specific market needs. Learn more »

  • Product Delivery

    We deliver data in a choice of file formats for easy integration into any system. Medmeme products are compatible with all Internet platforms for immediate, company-wide access to data. Learn more »


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Have our experts find a solution for you

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