More than a decade ago, Medmeme developed a data analytics solution for creating more accurate and objective profiles of scientific leaders for the medical affairs community. Client reaction was swift and significant, and demand for our solutions grew rapidly; as did our desire to expand them.

Today, in the spirit of our namesake ('meme' is Ancient Greek for ‘sharing information’), Medmeme delivers a comprehensive suite of automated solutions that harvest, clean, filter, integrate and — most importantly — analyze an exhaustive array of accurately vetted global medical and scientific thought. These unprecedented data mining solutions scour the globe to gather raw datapoints in real time, analyze them for relevancy and applicability, and transform it all into actionable information. Medmeme configures and packages these invaluable insights into powerful tools and empowering assets for steering better decisions in drug research, development, testing and launch.

Before long, we realized that the unique and robust analytic algorithms we had created could be used to drive performance across the pharmaceutical value chain end-to-end — from Medical Affairs, including headquarter initiatives, field medical activities and scientific communication, to Global R&D and Commercial launch.

By leveraging our dynamic repository of trusted intelligence and up-to-date metrics, pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare organizations can yield transformative and market-differentiating benefits, such as…

  • Quantified performance measurement, pre/post market launch
  • Fast tracked cycles in development and medical affairs
  • Better planning tools for Field Medical Teams
  • Optimized resources, communications, activities and tactics
  • Deeper knowledge and insights for equipping the right scientific experts
  • A clearer landscape analysis of disease
  • More accurately and strategically led R&D
  • Automated alerts of early warning signs, pre/post clinical trials

In short, better decisions — resulting in deeper adoption and greater market traction for sharper competitive edge.

That's the Medmeme advantage.