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Researching, developing and launching new drugs is a massive, all-in investment. For too long, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies have had to rely on past experience, parallel trends, knowledgeable hunches, flashes of information and other less-than-precise decision-making tools to guide these vital activities — all to appropriately set direction, create strategies, equip teams and go to market on new drug formulations. Yes, the information is out there in the world, but finding, filtering, analyzing, measuring, packaging and, ultimately, deriving actionable knowledge from it — insight! — has always posed insurmountable challenges.  But Medmeme solutions solve these recurring problems and many more.


What does Medmeme bring to the decision-making table that other pharmaceutical data research companies cannot? Certainty. That’s huge. Certainty we’ve placed the world’s finest medical and scientific thought at your fingertips — filtered, vetted, analyzed and presented just as you need it. Certainty in making strategic decisions to fast track cycles in Medical Affairs, Global R&D, and Commercial Launch. Certainty in identifying product benefits for Headquarter Operations. Certainty that your Field Medical teams are able to empower their MSLs to select, equip, direct and support the right KOLs. Certainty that their efforts are making the impact you need in the marketplace. And certainty that your Scientific Communication strategies will resonate and gain traction.

Insight over intuition. That’s the problem-solving power of Medmeme analytics.