Gain insight from a comprehensive, unified and searchable source of the world’s medical and scientific information


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Put the World’s Medical and Scientific Research at Your Beck and Call — With Insightmeme™.

Here’s your key to an exhaustive central repository of the world’s medical and scientific data, abstracted from every global medical meeting and publication — complete, vetted, timely, searchable and with alerts directed to your inbox. It’s called Insightmeme, a proprietary database exclusively available from Medmeme.

Derive invaluable insight to guide your strategic decisions from over 14,000 meetings worldwide and from every peer reviewed PubMed listing that’s meaningful to your product and its therapeutic area. Have it all in one convenient place, even before this information goes to press. That’s the game-changing advantage of Insightmeme.

Impact Tools for Global Research & Development

Stay ahead of the competition by putting the world’s most current medical and scientific thought at your team’s immediate and ongoing disposal.

  • Gain unlimited insight from a complete, unified and searchable source of the world’s medical and scientific information
  • Customize criteria to have alerts regarding relevant drug and therapeutic area information sent to you on an automated basis
  • Avoid having to conduct repeated manual searches of thousands of meeting Web sites worldwide
  • Unlock the knowledge contained in over 10 million scientific abstracts in our database, with over 1 million added each year
  • Aggregate this intelligence by author, affiliation, location, disease, drug, company, clinical study treatment guideline updates and other key parameters.
  • Access historical data that goes back 10 years
  • Customize reports to create and disseminate the intelligence you need to gain and sustain market advantage

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