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What if you could quantify — absolutely — that your medical affairs efforts are making the impact you need in the market? No guessing, no hoping, but demonstrating, unequivocally, that your investments are yielding returns. How valuable would that measurable information be to the medical affairs department?

Stop settling for simply amassing volumes of indeterminate data points, some of which may be relevant, most of which probably not — but all of which you must then make sense of on your own. The powerful algorithms in Medmeme’s Medical Affairs Suite of solutions analyze, measure and transform this raw data into actionable knowledge for driving more strategic and timely decisions.


Empower your medical affairs teams with impact tools for accessing, analyzing and continually updating the competitive landscape across all relevant therapeutic areas, including:

  • Planning and evaluating resource optimization
  • Identifying “rising star” scientific experts
  • Analyzing and understanding therapeutic areas more deeply as well as their competitive landscapes — knowing the quantity and quality of relevant presentations and publications
  • Tracking who, when, where and what is being said about your drug or therapeutic area across a multitude of parameters, including competitive criteria, to help identify, increase and validate Share of Scientific Voice – SoSVsm
  • Monitoring and quantifying the impact your chosen scientific experts are making
  • Following and analyzing trends in presentations and publications at a glance — by type, source, geography and author — with our intuitive and all-inclusive dashboard GUI
  • Facilitating domestic and global scientific dissemination
  • Optimizing relationships with scientific experts
    • Managing relationships more strategically and effectively
    • Creating talking points for more meaningful engagement
    • Updating MSLs on key activities relevant to their scientific experts
    • Earning greater trust from scientific experts
    • Determining with whom to more strategically engage
    • Helping MSLs better invest their time and resources
    • Becoming an indispensable resource to scientific experts

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